The Future Is Bright

Why “Niteo”?

Niteo is a Latin word meaning "to shine", "to thrive". We are tech futurists. We believe information technologies, or software if you want, will change the World for the better. Saying "those were the good old days" or "they used to live better in the past" is not something we do.

Looking back, the human condition has improved several-fold, especially in the last few decades and it is due to increased information flow. The purpose of Niteo is to help improve lives, using information and software as the main driving force.

Bright future

The plan

Driving significant change for the better is a Hard Task™. We have tried that almost entirely off the bat when founding the company back in 2007. Without a tightly knit and highly skilled team and without any financial backing, we tried to make browsing the Internet a safer endeavor, effectively to kill off phishing attacks. We burnt out.

Then came the realization: what we need first are good foundations. A great core team with financial backing. We set out to build a number of SaaS projects that could provide us with enough funds to attack the next Hard Task™. We’re nearly there. We’ve nearly reached our vision of building Niteo into a place where technologists solve hard problems, for the benefit of us all.

Our mission is clear: help small businesses run better, simpler, easier and more profitable with our Software as a Service projects. In the meantime work on our long-term mission: find big problems that could be rendered a thing of the past by software.

Our values



A bright future is one where information is free, not one where control is enforced through a lack of or limited information. We lead by example by publicly disclosing our documents such as our Handbook, by publishing our code under Open Source licenses, and by giving everyone at Niteo full access to all of our inner workings.


A bright future is one where people are treated fairly and equally. A future where single entities control large portions of wealth and power is not a future we would like to see. We lead by example and work hard to make sure that everyone involved with Niteo is treated fairly.



A bright future is one where we can be curious. Where we are allowed to fail, so that we can learn from our mistakes. Where we don’t have to blindly believe assumptions but we have the time and energy to test them from first principles upwards. Where we read, ask, and learn every single day.


A small company does not survive if it's not results-oriented. We measure so we can manage. Everyone on the team knows their goals and strives to achieve them.



In order to survive Niteo needed to radically change many times in our short history. To thrive we need to continue that practice and be willing to challenge the status quo. We are not afraid of major changes in the company, projects or marketplace, we welcome them.



Dejan and Nejc meet on a car enthusiasts forum.

Dejan runs a small local eCom store and Nejc is a programmer in a local web company.


They establish Niteo with other partners, Matej and Peter. It starts as a website development company with client hell that comes with it.


Wanting to do more, Niteo becomes a partner in a startup that plans to revolutionize internet security.


Revolution not going as planned, we're adding people to the team, only to let them go a few months later due to financial issues.


As plan B, we launch our first SaaS for the Internet Marketing niche - Big Content Search.


Big Content Search starts gaining traction. Marbe joins as a writer.


Big Content Search grows. Startup contract over at the end of the year. The startup crashes and burns a year later.


We return to client work while working on new SaaS projects. Janez joins.


A very painful transition to SaaS company and launching our second SaaS, Easy Blog Networks. Amon starts helping out while still in high school.


On a good path to success but still paying for old sins.


Finally profitable and starting to expand the team.
Gašper joins.


Easy Blog Networks is the leading service in the industry.


Yevheniia joins. We go all-in with WooCart.


Bjørnar joins. WooCart starts serving the first WooCommerce stores. We give public access to Kafkai for the first time.


COVID-19 hits but we're remote, so business as usual.
Marta joins. Kafkai welcomes its 100th user.
WooCart serves 500 buyers every day.


We push through another year of not seeing each other in person. It's hard, but we launch two new projects as a coping mechanism: Niteo House and Pareto Security.


After four years we burn out and sell WooCart. We also sell Kafkai and regroup to find our next big project.


Giving Back


Every quarter we donate 10% of our profits to causes we believe in. Everyone submits their organization of choice, we then do a quick vote, and the organization with the most supporters gets the money.

Besides quarterly donations, we regularly sponsor (even organize!) events such as conferences and meetups, and community-driven efforts for new releases, audits or cleanups of Open Source libraries.

A few of the organizations we've donated to: