The Future Is Bright

Niteo is a Latin word meaning "to shine", "to thrive". We are tech futurists. We believe information technologies, or software if you want, will change the World for the better. Saying "those were the good old days" or "they used to live better in the past" is not something we do.

Looking back, the human condition has improved several-fold, especially in the last few decades and it is due to increased information flow. The purpose of Niteo is to help improve lives, using information and software as the main driving force.

Bright future



Dejan and Nejc meet on a car enthusiasts forum.

Dejan runs a small local eCom store and Nejc is a programmer in a local web company.


They establish Niteo with other partners, Matej and Peter. It starts as a website development company with client hell that comes with it.


Wanting to do more, Niteo becomes a partner in a startup that plans to revolutionize internet security.


Revolution not going as planned, we're adding people to the team, only to let them go a few months later due to financial issues.


As plan B, we launch our first SaaS for the Internet Marketing niche - Big Content Search.


Big Content Search starts gaining traction. Marbe joins as a writer.


Big Content Search grows. Startup contract over at the end of the year. The startup crashes and burns a year later.


We return to client work while working on new SaaS projects. Janez joins.


A very painful transition to SaaS company and launching our second SaaS, Easy Blog Networks


On a good path to success but still paying for old sins.


Finally profitable and starting to expand the team.
Gašper joins.


Easy Blog Networks is the leading service in the industry. Matei and Calum join.



The Niteo Handbook

For the last decade, we have been accumulating the knowledge and practicalities of running an Open Source business within our walled-off intranet. At our 10th Anniversary Party we realized that it was time that we made this valuable information public with the intent of helping people in similar positions.

This Handbook offer us an opportunity to clarify what Niteo is and how we operate. It allows greater transparency to our partners, potential new team members, and the wider Open Source community.

Giving Back


Every quarter we donate 10% of our profits to causes we believe in. Everyone submits their organization of choice, we then do a quick vote, and the organization with the most supporters gets the money.

Besides quarterly donations, we regularly sponsor (even organize!) events such as conferences and meetups, and community-driven efforts for new releases, audits or cleanups of Open Source libraries.

A few of the organizations we donated to: