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Niteo is a decade old SaaS studio full of bright ideas, building smart solutions that empower small businesses online.

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These values are at the core of our company.
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The Niteo Handbook

For the last decade, we have been accumulating the knowledge and practicalities of running an Open Source business within our walled-off intranet. At our 10th Anniversary Party we realized that it was time that we made this valuable information public with the intent of helping people in similar positions.

This Handbook offer us an opportunity to clarify what Niteo is and how we operate. It allows greater transparency to our partners, potential new team members, and the wider Open Source community.


Salary System

Niteo uses a Salary System to set salaries. Our goal is to have a fair and objective way to set salaries for all positions with as little subjective input as possible. The system excludes negotiations for individual salaries, and thus leveling the playfield, no matter your position, life situation, or willingness to negotiate.

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Niteo has team members from Slovenia, Ukraine, Norway, and the Philippines. You can reach us at anytime below.