Let's Team Up To Upgrade Your Industry With New Software

Do you know about an interesting problem in your industry that can be solved with software but have no idea where to start?

Niteo is an experienced software company that could be your ideal cofounder! We've built our own succesful SaaS projects but now we're looking to enter partnerships to build software in interesting industries.

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Building a software project has many risks and pitfalls, especially for first-time entrepreneurs

How do you find and vet your first developer? How to know if they'll be able to not only build but also maintain the software in the coming years? What if it won't scale and everything breaks after 100 users? How do you get access to the code and prevent theft? Do you need a separate person for the design of the software? What kind of stack should they use? What the hell is a "stack" anyway?

If the project takes off, will the developer be able to hire a new person? And when that happens, what if the new developer says the code needs to be rewritten? Should you do it?

And that's just the development process. What about the steps before development - defining your idea, building wireframes (what are those?), getting commitments with customers, and iterating on the user interface (UI)? But how do you get commitments before you have something to sell? Should you build an interactive prototype?

How do you build wireframes? What are the user experience (UX) best practices for the UI? How do you write technical specs? How will the user permissions look? Will your developer know to ask the right questions, or will they build it as they think it is best, only for you to figure out later that it's completely wrong and requires an extensive rewrite?

Besides that, building a company and work processes in parallel is another massive but also separate challenge. Where will all project data be saved so everyone can use it? What framework to use when developing projects? Scrum, waterfall? What software to use? Where to keep and how to track tickets/issues? Do you need a code repository? How do you communicate effectively?

The main problem you have right now is that you don't know how many things you don't know. You might get lucky and find an amazing developer who will build the project to your needs. But there is a ton of other things that will make your project and company fail.

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Green flag

Niteo is a well-run, fully remote company with an experienced team and multiple software projects under our belt

Niteo was founded in 2007 as a web development agency. After a few years, we moved to build our own Software as a Service projects.

We've been a fully remote company for over a decade, with a big focus on processes and organized low-stress work environment.

We have a well-oiled and seasoned team with experience developing and running multiple SaaS projects over the past 15 years. Since 2007 we've built three SaaS products that brought 6-figure ARR (all exited) and one that brings 7-figure ARR (active).

We also have a significant failure behind us where we spent over 7 figures on the development of a project, only to fail to get real traction. Because of that failure, we have a much better idea of how to build an MVP, get first customers, and how product-market fit looks.

To relate to what we said above – we know what we don't know when building new projects. We can exclude the large majority of reasons for project failure.

Let's work on the idea together

If you have the right idea, let's partner and build it together

Why are we looking for partners? Well, it's really hard to find an interesting problem to solve with software in the software industry. It's not an overstatement that our company has no major problems running day-to-day operations. That's also because we can find multiple software solutions for any problem or situation. Our industry is massively overserved with software.

So, we're looking for industries that are underserved with software.

How do you know if an industry is underserved? The clearest signal is that they use Excel for too many things. But in general, all old-school industries can benefit from better software.

We're very excited about maritime, logistics, medical, agriculture, or any other less well-known industry (and we love to be surprised!). We prefer markets outside of the US as they're far less competitive.

We're disinclined toward consumer software (mobile apps and definitely no games), social networks, and anything related to advertising, project management, HR, or company productivity.

The five main reasons why we're the cofounder you want for your project

By partnering with Niteo you get access to:

Build, manage, and scale

Processes to build, manage, and scale a software project.


An experienced development team.

15+ years in the software industry

Cofounders with 15+ years in the software industry.


Access to non-VC funding.

Launch projects

An ability to launch and scale a software project to 7 figures.

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What we look for in partners

We're looking for partners that have been in their respective industries for years, have connections, and have great insight into the problem they're trying to solve.

You need to know how to do sales or be willing to learn.

We don't expect a financial investment, but you need savings or means to cover your living expenses for at least six months.


Send us your pitch, and let's get to know each other

We talk to 50+ people every year, but we can only work on 1-2 projects, so there's no time to waste – submit the pitch as soon as possible.

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