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KubeCon 2019

  Published on 2019/06/12

  Last updated on 2019/06/13

 By Gasper Vozel

KubeCon 2019 featured image

This was my first time at a KubeCon conference. This year it was held in Barcelona with over 7.5k attendees! The conference was held at Gran Via which is a huge place. It consists of 8 huge halls and 3 of them were used for KubeCon. It could take you up to 15 minutes of […]

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Robust REST APIs with Pyramid

  Published on 2019/06/03

  Last updated on 2019/06/04

 By Neyts Zupan

Robust REST APIs with Pyramid featured image

It’s almost a year since we started working on a new project: WooCart. Up until that point, all our projects were “backend-monoliths”, i.e. the backend rendered all necessary HTML and served it to the user. Some templates had some jQuery or Vue.js sprinkled on top, but that was about as far as we were willing […]

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The Many Faces of AI Powered Marketing

  Published on 2019/05/27

 By Team Niteo

The Many Faces of AI Powered Marketing featured image

This month I went to DigiMarCon in New York. I expected it to be a much bigger conference with more people, more talks to choose from and actual workshops. It was far from that but is a good conference to attend if it’s near you. I want to share here and expand on some AI […]

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We got banned from PayPal after 12 years of business (updated)

  Published on 2019/05/09

  Last updated on 2019/05/17

 By Dejan Murko

We got banned from PayPal after 12 years of business (updated) featured image

Update: PayPal restored our account, and they were as descriptive as when banning us. This was after a call and tweet confirming the “final decision”. We’re appreciative nonetheless. 🙂 Original post continues below You’d think that being a legitimate online business, having 12 years of history with PayPal, and hundreds of thousands of dollars processed, […]

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Why everyone at Niteo loves checklists

  Published on 2019/03/22

 By Dejan Murko

Why everyone at Niteo loves checklists featured image

At Niteo we love using checklists. We think they’re great because they: are easy to follow, remind you about the critical things that need doing, anyone can lead a meeting if they have a checklist. We use checklists for Sprint Planning and Sprint Retrospectives: We use checklists for User Story Expectations (aka Acceptance Criteria): We […]

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Why we are backing Earnest Capital

  Published on 2019/03/11

  Last updated on 2019/03/29

 By Neyts Zupan

Why we are backing Earnest Capital featured image

I always had a vision for Niteo to grow into a factory of sane startups. A combination of internal spin-offs, an accelerator, and a VC fund. But with the emphasis on longevity rather than growth rate and unicorns. A little over a year ago in Lisbon, I had a very long evening conversation about the […]

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Staging like it’s 2019

  Published on 2019/03/05

  Last updated on 2021/01/28

 By Neyts Zupan

Staging like it’s 2019 featured image

The What Here at Niteo we’ve been delivering continuously since about 2011. We started with home-grown fabric scrips that used cron to run svn update && bin/supervisorctl restart every 15 minutes. A lot has changed since then, namely, we’re now running our projects on Pyramid instead of Plone (Plone is great if your problem-space is […]

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Design. Technology. Cool shit.

  Published on 2019/03/01

 By Yevheniia Nikitina

Design. Technology. Cool shit. featured image

Last week I traveled to Amsterdam to attend FITC conference 2019. I got inspired both by the city and the conference, and want to share some themes I encountered there. As a note, I’d like to mention this was the 12th year of FITC in Amsterdam, a smaller version of the original conference from Toronto, […]

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IRL#6: Marrakesh

  Published on 2019/02/06

  Last updated on 2021/01/28

 By Neyts Zupan

IRL#6: Marrakesh featured image

It was that time of the year again, to spend a full week of in-person time with fellow Niteans in an amazing city! This time, we chose Marrakesh, the cultural & cuisine capital of Morocco, one of my favorite travel destinations. We stayed in a private guest house in the medina, the ancient walled city-center […]

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Export Plone to PDFs

  Published on 2019/01/19

 By Neyts Zupan

Export Plone to PDFs featured image

Since many years ago, we’ve had a private installation of Plone in Niteo that we call Intra. Short for “intranet”. It is meant to hold our company-wide, non-project-specific documents. I.e. financial reports, internal newsletters, various guides, and internal policies. But as of 2017, we moved most of these documents to our public Handbook, so the […]

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