Author: Amon Stopinšek

Niteo IRL#13 – Lanzarote

  Published on 2024/01/24

 By Amon Stopinšek

Niteo IRL#13 – Lanzarote featured image

For the 13th IRL edition, we gathered at our Niteo house in Lanzarote. Nejc had already hosted a few Ocean sprints at the house, so everything ran seamlessly, like a finely-tuned machine. We went through the usual agenda – reviewing the state of the company and projects, planning for the upcoming year, and optimizing internal […]

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EuroPython 2023

  Published on 2023/08/08

 By Amon Stopinšek

EuroPython 2023 featured image

EuroPython in 2018 was my first international conference. After five years, I eagerly joined another EuroPython. I hopped on a night train and woke up with a view of beautiful sunflower fields near Prague. With the conference starting the next day, I had some spare time to explore the charming city. In the evening I […]

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Frontend week in Budapest

  Published on 2019/09/30

  Last updated on 2019/10/01

 By Amon Stopinšek

Frontend week in Budapest featured image

Last week I attended my first two frontend conferences – CSSConf & JSConf Budapest 2019. My week in Budapest started with Rust meetup. Sadly the organizers didn’t expect that any foreigners will attend the meetup. Half an hour long talk wasn’t enough for me to learn any Hungarian, but I still had a great time […]

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