Author: Dejan Murko

How we spent $980,000 on a failed SaaS project

  Published on 2022/05/23

  Last updated on 2022/06/08

 By Dejan Murko

How we spent $980,000 on a failed SaaS project featured image

Three months after we closed the sale of WooCart, our project that was gonna “make it big”, I am ready to review the full financial consequences of our failure: $700k loss.

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  Published on 2022/01/31

  Last updated on 2022/05/09

 By Dejan Murko

Niteo IRL#FML featured image

We were really, really hoping we’d be able to meet up in January for a proper all-company IRL meetup after two years. Unfortunately, it was (again) not meant to be. Omicron surged in late 2021, and we had to cancel the meetup. That’s where the name of this virtual one comes. So it was back […]

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Attending MicroConf Europe ’21 in Dubrovnik

  Published on 2021/10/25

  Last updated on 2021/12/17

 By Dejan Murko

Attending MicroConf Europe ’21 in Dubrovnik featured image

MicroConf Europe in 2019 was the second to last conference I attended before COVID-19 struck. This year MicroConf returned to Dubrovnik. And it’s an absolutely amazing location, plus the weather was great all three days. The conference was not large in 2019 but it was even smaller now – and that’s a good thing. I […]

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Niteo IRL#9

  Published on 2021/07/15

  Last updated on 2022/01/31

 By Dejan Murko

Niteo IRL#9 featured image

After a year and a half, Niteo finally organized our bi-annual In-Real-Life meetup. The third time is the charm! Unfortunately, we only managed to do it for half of the team. People in and around Slovenia, all vaccinated, met up in Ljubljana in a great space rented from the Computer museum. The other half of […]

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IRL#7: Ljubljana

  Published on 2019/08/01

 By Dejan Murko

IRL#7: Ljubljana featured image

It’s mid-year and it was time for In-Real-Life meetup in the hometown of Niteo, Ljubljana. Mid-year IRL is usually a bit more relaxed since there is no major reviewing or planning that needs to take place. Therefore we had a quick overview of the last half a year and then worked on a few important […]

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We got banned from PayPal after 12 years of business (updated)

  Published on 2019/05/09

  Last updated on 2019/05/17

 By Dejan Murko

We got banned from PayPal after 12 years of business (updated) featured image

Update: PayPal restored our account, and they were as descriptive as when banning us. This was after a call and tweet confirming the “final decision”. We’re appreciative nonetheless. 🙂 Original post continues below You’d think that being a legitimate online business, having 12 years of history with PayPal, and hundreds of thousands of dollars processed, […]

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Why everyone at Niteo loves checklists

  Published on 2019/03/22

 By Dejan Murko

Why everyone at Niteo loves checklists featured image

At Niteo we love using checklists. We think they’re great because they: are easy to follow, remind you about the critical things that need doing, anyone can lead a meeting if they have a checklist. We use checklists for Sprint Planning and Sprint Retrospectives: We use checklists for User Story Expectations (aka Acceptance Criteria): We […]

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The Niteo Handbook update – less bloat, more information

  Published on 2018/09/24

 By Dejan Murko

The Niteo Handbook update – less bloat, more information featured image

Documentation naturally grows with the company. But if you’re not careful it can quickly become bloated and unnecessary detailed. This happened to us this year. We’ve noticed that a large part of The Niteo Handbook was too complicated, too detailed and the writing style too strict. It was time to refresh it. We’ve removed a […]

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IRL#5: Ljubljana

  Published on 2018/08/06

 By Dejan Murko

IRL#5: Ljubljana featured image

Summer is a great time to be in central Europe because of long days and good weather (when it’s not scorching hot). It is one of the reasons why we hold our mid-year IRL in Ljubljana, the other being that it is close to many Niteans which makes it easier and less expensive to organize. […]

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How to get to the job interview at Niteo as a developer

  Published on 2018/07/06

  Last updated on 2018/07/03

 By Dejan Murko

How to get to the job interview at Niteo as a developer featured image

In June we’ve opened up three job positions and received A TON of applications. Python job posting alone received more than 70 applicants in a matter of days. To simplify our selection process there are two sets of written questions for filtering before the interview. For future developers applying for a job (hopefully many of […]

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