Author: Marta Kozak

Niteo Summer IRL meetup in Ljubljana

  Published on 2023/07/31

  Last updated on 2023/08/04

 By Marta Kozak

Niteo Summer IRL meetup in Ljubljana featured image

Our summer In-Real-Life meetup was held in Ljubljana, in the heart of Slovenia. The first things you see as you approach it are castles, numerous parks, and dragons. 🙂 The dragon is the symbol of the city. You will see dragons everywhere… on bridges, at the castle, and decorating railings and buildings. Moreover, Ljubljana is […]

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Niteo IRL#11 – Manila

  Published on 2023/02/03

  Last updated on 2023/02/19

 By Marta Kozak

Niteo IRL#11 – Manila featured image

Mabuhay! It’s winter 2023 and time for our in-real-life meetup. It’s our 11th IRL, but this will be my first time joining one. Because of the COVID lockdowns and the war in Ukraine, I was only able to attend these meetups virtually. We do these IRLs not only for work but also to bond and […]

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