collective.table alpha release


It’s now past the mid-term evaluation deadline for my Google Summer of Code project and it’s time to release my work out to the wider community to receive feedback and ideas on how to improve it.


During the last days I was focusing on polishing the first release: writing documentation, adding more comments, increasing test coverage and such. My plan was to have a public release just days before Sauna Sprint so I can start getting valuable feedback from the community on the progress and roadmap for the project.

But why did I chose Sauna Sprint as a deadline? Well, myself and my GSoC mentor Martijn Pieters will both be there for the entire sprint next week.Productivity will be through the roof if I can judge based on the number of Plone sprints I attended in the past. We’ll mainly be focusing on improving the UI and making our storage more scalable.

Give it a spin!

So: buckle-up, add collective.table to your eggs and give it a spin! Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. The release is available on PyPI and code is available on GitHub.

Neyts Zupan

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