collective.table, report #3

Work report

A week ago, myself and my mentor both participated in the Plone Sauna Sprint. It was an epic event, thanks to all sprinters for being that great throughout the week.

blog/rebooting-brain-on-sauna-sprintDuring the event my mentor and I discussed in great length how to approach challenges that collective.table presents. We want the table to be pluggable and reusable. We want to support having several tables on one page. We want to support having multiple backend data sources for our tables, with a dedicated configuration view for each data source.

Current status

Table works, we have one data source. Multiple sources are being supported, prototype for configuration view is ready.

Also, my brand new MacBook Pro died. Apparently RAM problems, or so they say at the repair shop. So now I am stuck using an old laptop, which hinders my ability to be productive.


First, I need to get my MacBook back from the repair shop to restore my normal working environment. Hopefully they can get it fixed in a couple of days.

Next thing on the menu is to polish and document configuration views for storages. Followed with tests for them.

After that, we’ll see how much more time we have until the GSoC deadline and decide priorities based on that.

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