CWPortlets, Scrawl and DISQUS

Following previous post, here are instructions to get above mentioned products running on Plone 4 Alpha 2.


ContentWellPortlets is a great product that enables you to add portlets before and after content as well as in the footer.

There is no official release for Plone 4 yet (as expected) so you need to use the latest code directly from the collective subversion repository. Fairly simple, with a little help from a buildout recipe called infrae.subversion.

parts += eggcheckouts

recipe = infrae.subversion
location = src
as_eggs = true
urls =


Scrawl is a simple blogging tool for Plone. Exactly what we need for this site.

The procedure for installing it on Plone 4 Alpha 2 is the same as above. Only change the url to TODO.


This product replaces default Plone commenting engine with DISQUS commenting system. Perfect for simple sites like this one.

Installation is fairly simple, just add collective.disqus to eggs section of your buildout.cfg, re-run buildout and restart Zope. Now just enter your DISQUS id in the plone control panel and you are done.

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