Four meetups in three days

This past week has been quite eventful for me! On Monday, I was still in Lanzarote, enjoying the summer-like weather and beautifully glassy swell from the West. After a sunrise surf on Tuesday, we boarded the plane and headed back to Ljubljana for the real fun to start.

FIRE meetup

Last year I founded a small, somewhat private, community of peers in Ljubljana who are interested in FIRE. We took turns to talk about what went on in 2018 and what our plans (and potential roadblocks) are for 2019. We had people who are just starting out with their career and also some who have practically retired already, which made the talks super interesting and diverse. Big thanks to Hekovnik!

HRM in the new World: Remote Work

I was invited along with Miha Rekar to speak at the local HRM meetup about remote work. Miha is a developer who works remotely and I was invited as an employer who hires remotely. It was funny how much our values around work were aligned, we both said “well, what he said, I have nothing to add” quite a number of times. The main takeaway for participants was that everything builds on top of trust. You have to have complete trust in the people you work with for remote work to really show its benefits. And there are plenty!

Photo by Tamara Valencic


Python & Lambdas meetup

I helped organize another joint meetup between the local Pythonistas and Lambdas. Domen first gave a talk on the basic principles in functional programming, followed by a talk from Andraž on why Elm makes so much sense. Finally, we listened to a couple of lightning talks, which are becoming a regular item on our agenda as people seem to enjoy them. Beer (and pizza!) was again provided by Bitstamp. The discussions about tech, business, life, the Universe and Everything went on late into early morning hours, rounding up a great year of Python & Lambdas meetups. See you in 2019!

Brodul indoctrinating unsuspecting Python developers into the world of statically typed and purely functional Elm.

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