While part of the dev team was still on EuroPython, Janez and I were packing to go to this year’s Go conference in London.

This was a first Go conference for me, so naturally, I enjoyed it a lot. The vibe was similar to those old Plone/Python conferences back around 2010. Lots of very smart people, everyone super friendly, great talks. And small size, only a couple hundred participants. I much prefer when conferences are small, makes them feel more … intimate? One actually has a chance to chat with the majority of the fellow participants, which is not something even remotely possible on a conference the size of EuroPython.

In any case, I learned *a ton*. The day before the conference we attended a Kubernetes training, which was super helpful in answering a few corner cases we bumped into while working on WooCart‘s deployment story. Of the talks, the following two were the most memorable:

  • From monolith to serverless, by Michael Hausenblas, a showcase of developing & deploying an app in a monolith approach, in a containerization approach, and in a serverless approach. With working examples!
  • GraphQL, by Christopher Biscardi who gave a really nice intro to GraphQL and explained its use cases. Also, I got confirmation that schema-first approach to writing APIs is better compared to generating the schema from code.
  • Black Box Monitoring in Go, by Grant Griffiths who talked about yes and nos about monitoring, how to write probes and infrastructure to support monitoring.

Finally, we met developers from Ingrid and Moltin, two services that will come in very handy for WooCart in a couple of months.

Oh, and the food was fantastic! By far the best catering I’ve experienced so far. See you next year!

Neyts Zupan

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