How to get to the job interview at Niteo as a developer

In June we’ve opened up three job positions and received A TON of applications. Python job posting alone received more than 70 applicants in a matter of days. To simplify our selection process there are two sets of written questions for filtering before the interview. For future developers applying for a job (hopefully many of them will read this post), here are a few things that will put you in the top few percent of the candidates and a good chance at an interview.

You accurately answer the questions

When we ask “what are your preferred working hours in UTC time”, we like to read something in the lines of “between 11AM to 8PM UTC”. Answers like “I’m adaptable”, “I’m in EST timezone”, or “I can start at 5AM” don’t help us since they’re not specific enough for us to plan where we’d put you in the work process.

Avoid writing “refer to my cover letter/CV for the answer” because that means we need to scroll through the job application, PDFs, and CV, to find that one sentence that answers the question.

You have open source contributions

We give back to the Open Source community and we give priority to those who do the same. It’s also easy for our development team to review your code.

Excellent written English

We are a remote team. The large majority of communication happens in written English. If you take time to write proper sentences with periods and commas and run a basic grammar check over them, we expect it’ll be easy to work with you.

Realistic salary expectations (for work in Niteo)

We understand there are companies out there paying developers well into six-figures. Unfortunately, we are not (yet?) that type of company. We are a small, bootstrapped and profitable small company, far from Silicon Valley. Because one of our values is openness, we have written our salary ranges in our Handbook so that everyone knows what they can expect.

All of the above

If you’ve checked all of the above requirements and are objectively qualified for the job, there is a very high chance you’ll get an interview where we’ll dig deeper into your work and how you would fit at Niteo.

Looking forward to new applications!

Dejan Murko

Dejan is the Director of Opportunities at Niteo, making sure we never run out of things to do.

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