IMW, Athens and Cathedral sprints

I’ve attended 3 sprints in the past month. Sprints are a great way to learn new Plone techniques and of course to meet fellow plonistas. I love the fact that I was able to attend 3 in just one month. Next one on the schedule: Plone Sauna Sprint in Helsinki in the end of July.

IMW mini sprint

During the second International Motivational Weekend organized by LC Munich near Salzburg, Austria, the EESTEC IT Team got together and fixed some issues on In a short period of time we managed to squash several bugs and updated content on the site. A full report at

Cathedral sprint

Then came the Plone Cathedral Sprint 2010 which is a first ‘proper’ Plone sprint I attended.

From day 1 I loved being there, working with Plone rock stars on the future releases of Plone 4.x. I helped Denys Mishunov on search results page improvements ( package) which will hopefully ship with Plone 4.1. Signing the Contributor Agreement I was accepted into the Plone core developers family and I immediately committed some code. Yaay!

Read the whole report on Jarn’s blog.

Athens sprint

Finally, another sprint during an EESTEC event, this time an annual Congress, the IT Team got together to do some hacking. Florian, Joni and me spent the whole week in the lobby of Hotel Titania.

We started where we left in Skopje in November 2009. Commiting everything that was done on the server in the meantime and lots of code cleanup. We created an issue tracker so all eestecers can tell us what is wrong:

Then came the most important task of the week: sphinx powered developer and user documentation. We spent the majority of the week documenting code, ideas behind it and general usage of the site. Extensive documentation of the system is now available at!

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