Nitean Recognition

“Bang a gong, get it on.”

While the lyric is pulled from a modestly talented rocker in the 70s, it does hit a key entrepreneurial principle. Some companies and businesses ring a bell when something good happens or an achievement reached.

At Niteo, we give kudos and +1s.

The wall of happy

Laszlo Bock, head of Google’s People Operations, has a Wall of Happy outside his office where kudos are printed and put on a physical wall.

We took the idea and the bell tolling, and spin them into something that would work for our case.

Instead of a bell, we have a Wall of Happy where celebrations and peer recognition are documented. And since we’re a remote-first team, the wall-of-happy is a Slack channel.

The modality used to implement the Nitean recognition was based on the fact that Slack is our main and effective communication tool.

See our Handbook policy on this.

For what the bell tolls

The Nitean recognition aspires to keep the team motivated by creating a work culture where the simplest achievement is celebrated. Moreover, it also promotes higher peer engagement and better work communication. Both of which are key activities that underpin all aspects of business and life in one-way or another.

Whether it’s closing a sale, removing a blocker or helping out a fellow Nitean, the bell tolls.

There is no discrimination between achievements. From a modest to a momentous victory, the team recognizes and heralds it.

Creating a positive workplace culture

Having a multicultural team has a lot of pros to it. On the flip side, it could entail a lot more from everyone. Besides the work tasks and responsibilities, some adjustments are necessary for a conducive and convivial workplace. The Nitean recognition lets us celebrate the little wins as validations of the team’s progress and success. Because sometimes it’s the little things, the nuances that often get dismissed, that have the most impact.

There is so much more to running and being a part of a company than pure economics or technology decisions. A team with a good and fostering relations with one another is aces in most, if not all, company goals.

Marbe Ralozo

Marbe is our Protector of Happiness, making sure our back-office is running as Swiss clockwork.

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