Niteo IRL#13 – Lanzarote

For the 13th IRL edition, we gathered at our Niteo house in Lanzarote. Nejc had already hosted a few Ocean sprints at the house, so everything ran seamlessly, like a finely-tuned machine.

We went through the usual agenda – reviewing the state of the company and projects, planning for the upcoming year, and optimizing internal processes.

One of the biggest changes was the decision to transition from Scrum to Kanban. Given the smaller size of our team and the self-sufficiency of each Nitean, we had already minimized meetings by cutting down on stand-ups. With the adoption of Kanban, we now look forward to a single weekly meeting. Everyone is excited about fewer meetings, but it’s too early to draw any conclusions. See handbook for more details about our new Kanban process.

Besides productive work, we had plenty of fun. This was the most sports-intensive IRL for sure!

Nejc guided us through his favorite MTB trails on the island. On the way up, we enjoyed the beautiful landscape, and on the way down, we tried to stay in one piece.


We took surfing lessons at the famous Famara beach. With the perfect conditions for beginners, we managed to stand up on the board (for a few seconds).


Glub glub glu glu glub glu glub glub glub.


Not sure what is more entertaining – playing VR game or watching someone else playing it.

Playing VR games

With all the work and activities, we were too busy to take a group photo that includes everyone. Two group photos it is:

And yes, as always, we had lots of delicious food.

Group photo from dinner

Too bad not everyone could join us this time. Hopefully we see a full team in July!

Amon Stopinšek

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