Niteo IRL#9

After a year and a half, Niteo finally organized our bi-annual In-Real-Life meetup. The third time is the charm! Unfortunately, we only managed to do it for half of the team. People in and around Slovenia, all vaccinated, met up in Ljubljana in a great space rented from the Computer museum.

The other half of the team connected through Zoom and watched the presentations live, then connected virtually for work in small teams.

We’ve done lots of exciting work, especially planning for new projects, which we hope we’ll be able to reveal very shortly!

Since this was partially a virtual meetup, we kept the duration to three days, instead of the regular five. Even with just those three days, we managed to hike the local hill (twice!), did lots of work, caught up with colleagues, had three great lunches together, and two dinners, the final one being a real treat.

Beef Wellington and baked octopus.

It was *fantastic* seeing Niteans in person after so long, and we hope that the next IRL, the tenth one, is a full house event with no one missing. Fingers crossed that by January 2022, most of the World gets back to normal and everyone will be able to fly-in.

See you in the Philippines!

Dejan Murko

Dejan is the Director of Opportunities at Niteo, making sure we never run out of things to do.

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