We were really, really hoping we’d be able to meet up in January for a proper all-company IRL meetup after two years. Unfortunately, it was (again) not meant to be. Omicron surged in late 2021, and we had to cancel the meetup. That’s where the name of this virtual one comes.

So it was back to Zoom. We’re pretty used to meetings online and can be very efficient, and this time it was no different. We flew through our agenda, had discussions, and made decisions for which we created Stories for future implementation. There were no issues left at the end to discuss, which made the 3-day meetup a success.

In the evenings, we gathered on Mibo virtual space for meetings. We tried it a year ago, and it progressed a lot. While I absolutely love the idea of virtual spaces and thoroughly enjoyed the first 20minutes, there’s still some clunkiness to it that prevents it from being used for work. I’m expecting that it’ll be a lot better in another year, and maybe, just maybe, it can become a better way to meet online than Zoom.

On evening socials, we did some gaming, one of them being Keep Talking, which was a ton of fun.


Even though we can classify the meetup as successful, I, and everyone else, really hope this was the last time.

Dejan Murko

Dejan is the Director of Opportunities at Niteo, making sure we never run out of things to do.

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