Niteo Summer IRL meetup in Ljubljana

Our summer In-Real-Life meetup was held in Ljubljana, in the heart of Slovenia. The first things you see as you approach it are castles, numerous parks, and dragons. 🙂 The dragon is the symbol of the city. You will see dragons everywhere… on bridges, at the castle, and decorating railings and buildings. Moreover, Ljubljana is a charming old town with beautiful architecture and rich history. Walking around this green city is a real pleasure.

Niteans gathered to have some fun and work in the Computer museum space. This is not the first time Niteans have met there. But have enough words been said about this great space before?

This venue offers an exciting journey into the history of computers with great exhibits, which you can try. The atmosphere there is amazing, and all the computers on display are fully functional.  Every visitor can interact with many devices and get an experience of how computers and technology used to be and how they’ve evolved. Our team is not an exception, and we also plunged into this nostalgia and played some retro games: Liero, Mortal Kombat, Doom, etc.

On IRL, we’ve done a lot of work, discussed some future plans, and did planning for new projects. In the evening we usually had a nice time together in different bars, pubs and restaurants. There are a lot of tasty craft beers from Slovenian breweries and it is a real paradise for beer lovers 🙂

You will definitely want to bring some souvenirs from this beautiful city. Therefore, on the last day, the non-Slovenian team decided to visit some souvenir shops. So Janez gave us some tips and taught us a few Slovenian words so we could bargain. That was something like “Ta cena nima smisla. Znižaj ceno.” 🙂
Everyone has bought nice gifts from Ljubljana and took a piece of fun moments and memories back home.