OS X specific .cfg for collective.xdv

The collective.xdv manual on plone.org tells you how to customize your buildout.cfg in order to be able to run collective.xdv on OS X. However if you are working in a team of developers where not everyone is using OS X, it’s nice to have your specific buildout hacks in a separate osx.cfg file.

Below is an OS X specific osx.cfg file that extends the original buildout.cfg with OS X specific hacks for collective.xdv.

extends = buildout.cfg
parts +=

versions = versions

lxml = 2.2.2

recipe = z3c.recipe.staticlxml
egg = lxml
force = false

Now all you need to do is run buildout with config file set as osx.cfg.

$ bin/buildout -c osx.cfg

Neyts Zupan

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