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  Published on 2021/01/27

  Last updated on 2021/11/08

 By Team Niteo

Niteo IRL: YA’RLY featured image

After our first virtual IRL in July-2020, it’s time for our first remote-first IRL. Which means Niteans were given options to plan and decide a location where they could meet other nearby Niteans and connect with the rest virtually. So, the plan was to divide and organise Mini-IRLs – one in Lanzarote and one in […]

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Lowering H12 errors on Heroku

  Published on 2020/11/25

 By Gasper Vozel

Lowering H12 errors on Heroku featured image

This post will briefly discuss H12 errors on Heroku, more commonly known as request timeouts, how we tackled them, and how we fixed them. Before we start, let’s establish some context. We have an app that’s a hub for ~600 servers. A few times per day, each server creates a request to the app, ensuring […]

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Staging like it’s 2020

  Published on 2020/09/14

 By Team Niteo

Staging like it’s 2020 featured image

Last year, we wrote a blog post on how we use Heroku’s Review Apps to create staging apps for every Pull Request submitted to a project’s repository. These apps are created and deployed automatically, completely isolated from the production environment, and contain the changes from the Pull Request. This allows every stakeholder to see how […]

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Niteo IRL: O’RLY

  Published on 2020/07/31

 By Marbe Ralozo

Niteo IRL: O’RLY featured image

As a remote-first company, Niteo invests in doing bi-annual IRLs (In Real Life) meetups to get everyone in the same time and space. Spending time with Niteans face-to-face is invaluable. The bonds we create during IRLs are strong — but our meaningful connections do not come from the onsites alone. We consciously work to develop […]

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Project isolation beyond requirements.txt

  Published on 2020/04/16

  Last updated on 2020/04/17

 By Neyts Zupan

Project isolation beyond requirements.txt featured image

I’ve been a Python dev for almost 15 years now and I’ve recently completely overhauled how I keep my development tools and dependencies in check. I’m so happy with my new setup that I couldn’t wait to share it with fellow geeks! Some background I used to use Homebrew to install tools such as pyenv […]

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Niteo COVID-19 response

  Published on 2020/03/12

  Last updated on 2020/03/23

 By Neyts Zupan

Niteo COVID-19 response featured image

This was supposed to be an internal memo sent to my fellow coworkers, but I decided to publish it here on our blog, to encourage other businesses to take similar actions. So here it goes. The situation with COVID-19 is deteriorating incredibly fast, on a global scale. WHO just declared it a pandemic. Additionally, there’s […]

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Astronomer, psychologist, and MIT professor went to a design conference

  Published on 2020/03/06

 By Yevheniia Nikitina

Astronomer, psychologist, and MIT professor went to a design conference featured image

The title could sound like the beginning of some joke, but the modern design field attracts more and more professionals that don’t do that much drawing but build new systems and experiences. This year FITC Amsterdam again gathered a lot of great professionals to share their most interesting projects and thoughts. Now I’d like to […]

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Keeping your head above water by managing your tasks and time

  Published on 2020/02/28

 By Bjørnar Myrheim

Keeping your head above water by managing your tasks and time featured image

In this blog post, I’ll write a little bit about the tools and methods I used to manage the chaos that used to be my workday. In my previous job, I was managing the IT departments in four different high schools. Every day at work I would get at least 50 emails and a lot […]

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IRL #8: Bangkok

  Published on 2020/01/27

 By Team Niteo

IRL #8: Bangkok featured image

Wohooo! It’s 2020 and time for our first IRL of the year Decade. We decided on Bangkok (known as Krung Thep in Thai) as the IRL location since it has relaxed visa norms and for its undisputed reputation as a fun city. By late Sunday evening and after the hustle-and-bustle for the few Niteans, the […]

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Reading Nix expressions

  Published on 2019/11/20

  Last updated on 2021/01/28

 By Gasper Vozel

Reading Nix expressions featured image

These are my notes from the Reading Nix expressions talk in NixCon 2019. Nix package language has a similar syntax to the “JSON meets functional language concepts”. E.g. you have Let-expressions which I would say is a functional concept (ref: – I first saw it in Elm and Haskell. An important thing to keep […]

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