The Many Faces of AI Powered Marketing

This month I went to DigiMarCon in New York. I expected it to be a much bigger conference with more people, more talks to choose from and actual workshops. It was far from that but is a good conference to attend if it’s near you.

I want to share here and expand on some AI marketing examples that I took from Pam Didner, one of the speakers. Whether we like it or not, AI is the future, and we need to be prepared for it. Even better, we should take advantage of the huge opportunities that it creates all around us.


7 million jars of Nutella, each with a unique design! It sure sounds like a cool marketing stunt but how is it possible? Well, it seems you only need one algorithm. And if you check the results you see they look great, fresh and vibrant designs that are unique but at the same time keep a consistent line. There isn’t much data on how this influenced sales, but we do know it’s 7 million sold jars, not just designed.


This Conversica AI assistant is mind-blowing, it handles perfectly the text interactions with your leads, from start to finish. It’s persistent, does follow up after follow up without being out of place. It never forgets about a lead and most important, at the right moment, it connects the lead with a sales representative. See some conversation examples.


Drift is not really AI but, they have a cool idea: conversational landing pages where the whole page is solely focused on a chat. Right now this is powered by a basic bot. I see the potential if they manage to expand more in the AI direction. So the gist of it is simple, instead of using a standard landing page you use an interactive landing page where the AI can give you more information and do the persuasion.

AIVA Technologies

Need a nice, unique, royalty-free, and accessible song for your new commercial? With AI that’s already possible. I was truly impressed by the quality of the songs created with AIVA. To generate a song you need to start from another song that acts as seed. The end result will be a song with a similar emotional impact. But enough with explaining it, you should listen to one of the many songs created with AIVA:


Alyce is the tool to use if you want to send personalized gifts at scale to your customers and prospects. Alyce analyses the online available information about your customers, plus where they are on your marketing funnel and sends them custom gifts at the right moment. I definitely see the value of it and how it would fit in the marketing process of many B2B companies.

But all these examples are just a glimpse of the many AI marketing tools and approaches you can now use. And I bet we haven’t seen the best of them yet. Marketing will definitely change and will need people who can orchestrate this complex AI environment.