Author: Neyts Zupan

Indispensable pytest plugins

  Published on 2022/10/07

  Last updated on 2022/10/09

 By Neyts Zupan

Indispensable pytest plugins featured image

I’ve been babbling on about testing for a decade now. Here’s a quick list of pytest plugins I use in most of my Python projects:   pytest-cov – pytest integration for the wonderful coverage tool by Ned Batchelder. pytest-mock – pytest integration for the unittest.mock library. pytest-instafail – Print out the test failure as it […]

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PyCon.IT 2022

  Published on 2022/06/26

  Last updated on 2022/06/27

 By Neyts Zupan

PyCon.IT 2022 featured image

At the beginning of the month, I made a quick road trip down to Florence for this year’s edition of PyCon Italia. I try to never miss a chance for a conference I can *drive* to, and Tuscany is just such an awesome place to visit, it really was a no-brainer. The organizers have been […]

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OceanSprint 2022

  Published on 2022/06/09

 By Neyts Zupan

OceanSprint 2022 featured image

The mind has not yet completely recovered from all the brain explosions that happened during OceanSprint 2021, and I was already planning the next one. I’ve never organized two sprints so close to each other, but it worked out great! Domen and I knew exactly what we were getting into, most of the vendors we […]

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Nix build on a diet

  Published on 2022/02/13

  Last updated on 2022/05/09

 By Neyts Zupan

Nix build on a diet featured image

At Niteo, we are using nix-shell to build isolated development and production environments. We deploy production as a Docker image on Heroku. Recently, I’ve noticed that Pareto Security dashboard app deployments have been very slow. Almost 10 minutes, even more on a busy afternoon. Most of the time was spent in copying files around, as […]

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Sprints are back!

  Published on 2021/12/17

 By Neyts Zupan

Sprints are back! featured image

Back in early 2010’s, “sprints” were how I lived. Week-long events, in random places around the World, hacking on open source. From offices in European cities, to lake sides, castles and saunas. It’s where I met some of my best friends, where I got business for Niteo’s agency side. It’s where I learned more than […]

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Founder Summit in Mexico City

  Published on 2021/11/08

  Last updated on 2021/12/17

 By Neyts Zupan

Founder Summit in Mexico City featured image

I knew I missed conferences. But I did not fully understand how much. Being an introvert (that can act as an extrovert when needed) I rather enjoyed the lack of social interactions in the last year and a half. But I was getting more and more groggy as months went by. Nothing major, but I […]

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Why we’re building a house in the middle of the ocean

  Published on 2021/08/07

  Last updated on 2021/11/08

 By Neyts Zupan

Why we’re building a house in the middle of the ocean featured image

Let’s get the clickbaiting out of the way first: we’re not technically building a house, we’re renovating an existing villa. To make it more suitable for remote teams. The rest is true, though. It’s on a unique subtropical island in the Atlantic Ocean! OK, but why on Earth would a software company build a vacation […]

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Project isolation beyond requirements.txt

  Published on 2020/04/16

  Last updated on 2020/04/17

 By Neyts Zupan

Project isolation beyond requirements.txt featured image

I’ve been a Python dev for almost 15 years now and I’ve recently completely overhauled how I keep my development tools and dependencies in check. I’m so happy with my new setup that I couldn’t wait to share it with fellow geeks! Some background I used to use Homebrew to install tools such as pyenv […]

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Niteo COVID-19 response

  Published on 2020/03/12

  Last updated on 2020/03/23

 By Neyts Zupan

Niteo COVID-19 response featured image

This was supposed to be an internal memo sent to my fellow coworkers, but I decided to publish it here on our blog, to encourage other businesses to take similar actions. So here it goes. The situation with COVID-19 is deteriorating incredibly fast, on a global scale. WHO just declared it a pandemic. Additionally, there’s […]

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Elm: A frontend story that a backend dev can love

  Published on 2019/07/29

  Last updated on 2021/01/28

 By Neyts Zupan

Elm: A frontend story that a backend dev can love featured image

I’ve been doing Web development for about 15 years now. The first few years were mostly tinkering with PHP and doing basic changes via the browser using Plone.  Very early into my career I co-founded Niteo. And got the first few clients. We were n00bs, so we decided to use Plone to build client websites […]

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