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Niteo IRL#11 – Manila

  Published on 2023/02/03

  Last updated on 2023/02/19

 By Marta Kozak

Niteo IRL#11 – Manila featured image

Mabuhay! It’s winter 2023 and time for our in-real-life meetup. It’s our 11th IRL, but this will be my first time joining one. Because of the COVID lockdowns and the war in Ukraine, I was only able to attend these meetups virtually. We do these IRLs not only for work but also to bond and […]

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Niteo IRL#10

  Published on 2022/08/01

  Last updated on 2023/02/06

 By Bjørnar Myrheim

Niteo IRL#10 featured image

Man… I can’t believe it has been two and a half years since I was abroad. The last time was actually IRL#8 in Bangkok, Thailand. A global pandemic and Japan’s strict border control sure made it difficult for an expat to go traveling. This time, though, the stars had aligned and I was once again […]

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  Published on 2022/01/31

  Last updated on 2022/05/09

 By Dejan Murko

Niteo IRL#FML featured image

We were really, really hoping we’d be able to meet up in January for a proper all-company IRL meetup after two years. Unfortunately, it was (again) not meant to be. Omicron surged in late 2021, and we had to cancel the meetup. That’s where the name of this virtual one comes. So it was back […]

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Founder Summit in Mexico City

  Published on 2021/11/08

  Last updated on 2021/12/17

 By Neyts Zupan

Founder Summit in Mexico City featured image

I knew I missed conferences. But I did not fully understand how much. Being an introvert (that can act as an extrovert when needed) I rather enjoyed the lack of social interactions in the last year and a half. But I was getting more and more groggy as months went by. Nothing major, but I […]

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Attending MicroConf Europe ’21 in Dubrovnik

  Published on 2021/10/25

  Last updated on 2021/12/17

 By Dejan Murko

Attending MicroConf Europe ’21 in Dubrovnik featured image

MicroConf Europe in 2019 was the second to last conference I attended before COVID-19 struck. This year MicroConf returned to Dubrovnik. And it’s an absolutely amazing location, plus the weather was great all three days. The conference was not large in 2019 but it was even smaller now – and that’s a good thing. I […]

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Why we’re building a house in the middle of the ocean

  Published on 2021/08/07

  Last updated on 2021/11/08

 By Neyts Zupan

Why we’re building a house in the middle of the ocean featured image

Let’s get the clickbaiting out of the way first: we’re not technically building a house, we’re renovating an existing villa. To make it more suitable for remote teams. The rest is true, though. It’s on a unique subtropical island in the Atlantic Ocean! OK, but why on Earth would a software company build a vacation […]

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Niteo IRL#9

  Published on 2021/07/15

  Last updated on 2022/01/31

 By Dejan Murko

Niteo IRL#9 featured image

After a year and a half, Niteo finally organized our bi-annual In-Real-Life meetup. The third time is the charm! Unfortunately, we only managed to do it for half of the team. People in and around Slovenia, all vaccinated, met up in Ljubljana in a great space rented from the Computer museum. The other half of […]

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  Published on 2021/04/01

  Last updated on 2021/04/04

 By Bjørnar Myrheim

Postmortems featured image

Earlier this year, on one of our half-yearly IRL’s, we had a discussion about whether or not we should proceed with a massive upgrade…

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  Published on 2021/01/27

  Last updated on 2021/11/08

 By Team Niteo

Niteo IRL: YA’RLY featured image

After our first virtual IRL in July-2020, it’s time for our first remote-first IRL. Which means Niteans were given options to plan and decide a location where they could meet other nearby Niteans and connect with the rest virtually. So, the plan was to divide and organise Mini-IRLs – one in Lanzarote and one in […]

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Niteo IRL: O’RLY

  Published on 2020/07/31

 By Marbe Ralozo

Niteo IRL: O’RLY featured image

As a remote-first company, Niteo invests in doing bi-annual IRLs (In Real Life) meetups to get everyone in the same time and space. Spending time with Niteans face-to-face is invaluable. The bonds we create during IRLs are strong — but our meaningful connections do not come from the onsites alone. We consciously work to develop […]

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