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Sprints are back!

  Published on 2021/12/17

 By Neyts Zupan

Sprints are back! featured image

Back in early 2010’s, “sprints” were how I lived. Week-long events, in random places around the World, hacking on open source. From offices in European cities, to lake sides, castles and saunas. It’s where I met some of my best friends, where I got business for Niteo’s agency side. It’s where I learned more than […]

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Founder Summit in Mexico City

  Published on 2021/11/08

  Last updated on 2021/12/17

 By Neyts Zupan

Founder Summit in Mexico City featured image

I knew I missed conferences. But I did not fully understand how much. Being an introvert (that can act as an extrovert when needed) I rather enjoyed the lack of social interactions in the last year and a half. But I was getting more and more groggy as months went by. Nothing major, but I […]

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Why we’re building a house in the middle of the ocean

  Published on 2021/08/07

  Last updated on 2021/11/08

 By Neyts Zupan

Why we’re building a house in the middle of the ocean featured image

Let’s get the clickbaiting out of the way first: we’re not technically building a house, we’re renovating an existing villa. To make it more suitable for remote teams. The rest is true, though. It’s on a unique subtropical island in the Atlantic Ocean! OK, but why on Earth would a software company build a vacation […]

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  Published on 2021/04/01

  Last updated on 2021/04/04

 By Bjørnar Myrheim

Postmortems featured image

Earlier this year, on one of our half-yearly IRL’s, we had a discussion about whether or not we should proceed with a massive upgrade…

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  Published on 2021/01/27

  Last updated on 2021/11/08

 By Team Niteo

Niteo IRL: YA’RLY featured image

After our first virtual IRL in July-2020, it’s time for our first remote-first IRL. Which means Niteans were given options to plan and decide a location where they could meet other nearby Niteans and connect with the rest virtually. So, the plan was to divide and organise Mini-IRLs – one in Lanzarote and one in […]

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Niteo IRL: O’RLY

  Published on 2020/07/31

 By Marbe Ralozo

Niteo IRL: O’RLY featured image

As a remote-first company, Niteo invests in doing bi-annual IRLs (In Real Life) meetups to get everyone in the same time and space. Spending time with Niteans face-to-face is invaluable. The bonds we create during IRLs are strong — but our meaningful connections do not come from the onsites alone. We consciously work to develop […]

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Niteo COVID-19 response

  Published on 2020/03/12

  Last updated on 2020/03/23

 By Neyts Zupan

Niteo COVID-19 response featured image

This was supposed to be an internal memo sent to my fellow coworkers, but I decided to publish it here on our blog, to encourage other businesses to take similar actions. So here it goes. The situation with COVID-19 is deteriorating incredibly fast, on a global scale. WHO just declared it a pandemic. Additionally, there’s […]

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How to get to the job interview at Niteo as a developer

  Published on 2018/07/06

  Last updated on 2018/07/03

 By Dejan Murko

How to get to the job interview at Niteo as a developer featured image

In June we’ve opened up three job positions and received A TON of applications. Python job posting alone received more than 70 applicants in a matter of days. To simplify our selection process there are two sets of written questions for filtering before the interview. For future developers applying for a job (hopefully many of […]

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Niteo is hiring!

  Published on 2018/06/15

 By Dejan Murko

Niteo is hiring! featured image

Currently, Niteo has three open positions: An enthusiastic Python developer, WordPress & WooCommerce Developer, DevOps with a love for Python and Go. We are looking for help on our current flagship project, Easy Blog Networks, and our new project WooCart. We look forward to your application!

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Nitean Recognition

  Published on 2018/02/01

  Last updated on 2021/01/28

 By Marbe Ralozo

Nitean Recognition featured image

“Bang a gong, get it on.” While the lyric is pulled from a modestly talented rocker in the 70s, it does hit a key entrepreneurial principle. Some companies and businesses ring a bell when something good happens or an achievement reached. At Niteo, we give kudos and +1s. The wall of happy Laszlo Bock, head […]

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